inspeXtor AI

inspeXtor PoE systems can do much more than control and automate your building, it can make your Smart Building even Smarter. Through advanced algorithms, the inspeXtor system will learn the habits and frequent operations of the building and make small, incremental adjustments to your facility.

In addition to the on-going learning and adjustments behind the scenes, our advanced AI will be able to provide detailed and customizable reports allowing facility managers and owners an in-depth analysis of all of their systems. These customized systems include occupancy levels, energy usage, specific sensor data and much more.

What are some of the ways AI can improve your Smart Building? By recognizing patterns and consistent operational behaviors, the inspeXtor system will be able to improve efficiency within your building. Some examples include:

  1. Adjusting fixture lumen output based on forecasted occupancy and/or ambient light levels
  2. Communicate with other BMS Systems to, for example, automatically raise the blinds for your weekly meeting in the conference room
  3. Provide an alert for unusual activities
  4. Regulate energy consumption based on repeated occupancy or usage within the building