inspeXtor Platform

Set Alerts – Get notified in real-time of changes to your facility. Create alerts for such things as energy consumption limits, occupancy and changes in temperature.
Set Policies: Easily create, edit and deploy policies to the system
Merge Policies: Quickly add and remove policies to individual lights or a cluster of lights.
Real Time Monitoring: Our dashboard provides a real-time overview of your facility at a glance

Key Features

  • Safer
  • Little to no risk of electrical injuries since high voltage is not present and risk of fire is eliminated.
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Flexible
  • Easily add, remove or edit lighting policies and alerts
  • Integrates with Building Management Systems for ultimate control
  • Ability to rearrange space by changing configuration of light right from the inspeXtor™ dashboard
  • Scalable
  • Using an open API and category cable, system can be scaled to utilize almost all current and future technology upgrades to your building
  • Maximize Energy Savings
  • Create policies to improve efficiency
  • Utilize alerts and real-time reporting to further enhance energy savings
  • Improved Security
  • Easily set real-time notifications for occupancy in any part of the building
  • Integrate with other systems to trigger additional security measures, such as prompting a camera to zoom when occupancy is detected
  • Secure
  • Flexible security options available (Cloud based/Internal Network)
  • “Salt Cryptography” is used to secure data transfer