Who We Are

NAME Energy Group was founded in 2009 as a U.S. Induction Lighting Manufacturer. During our time as an induction lighting manufacturer, we sold to large corporations, municipalities and government agencies. In 2011, MHT begin to design a full line of indoor and outdoor LED lighting with embedded smart sensors.

In 2012, NAME created an energy management division, Power Metrics International.  During that time we launched the first generation of our energy management system, the SP1000. Since then, we have launched our second generation system, the SP2000, and have been granted 3 Federal US Patents.

The SP2000 has been installed in high-end hotel chains, supermarket chains, data centers and a number of municipal water treatment plants. Our SP2000 AI software automatically monitors and adjusts your systems to significantly reduce demand charges and overall electrical consumption.

In 2013, we entered the Low Voltage space as we partnered with one of the premier Low Voltage Systems at the time.  Over the next several years our fixtures were installed by some of the largest technology firms in the world. 

In the middle of 2015, MHT decided to create its own Low Voltage Platform, inspeXtor. Our inspeXtor platform currently has 3 Federal US patents and is at the forefront of the PoE revolution.